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Turshovka JSC
Year of foundation: 1969
Exported goods/services: Peat baled in big pain,
nutritional and flower soil
sod peat for heating,
milled peat
Exports to: Holland, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, the USA, Spain, Greece
Head: Malyarevich Yuri Leonidovich
Communication languages: Russian
Address: Ukhvala, Minsk region, 222044
Phone: tel./fax (+3751796) 4 74 70
tel. (+3751796) 4 73 21
UNP: 600025351
Wholesale trade
Solid fuel extraction and delivery
Raw material and chemical fertilizers extraction
Power engineering, heat supply and heating
#   Name Address Tel
1.  Turshovka JSC Ukhvala tel./fax (+3751796) 4 74 70
2.  Zelenoborskoe JSC St. Zavodskaya, 1А, settl. Zeleny Bor tel. (+3751775) 2 56 19
3.  Peat Enterprise Glinka OJSC Административно-бытовой корпус 5/2, 0,5 km of vill. Luka tel. (+3751655) 3 08 33
4.  Vitebskoblgas Unitary Enterprise Pravdy, 36, City Vitebsk tel. (+375212) 49 36 42

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