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CPMS "State Farm" Big Mozheikovo"
Exported goods/services: Medicinal plant material:
the marigold flowers,
chamomile flowers,
motherwort herb,
valerian root
Exports to: Russia, CIS countries
Cooperation offer: Medicinal material: valerian, marigolds, chamomile, motherwort
Head: Beliavsky Yuri Genrikhovich
Communication languages: Russian
Address: St. Lenin, 11, Bolshoe Mozheikovo, Grodno region, 231502
Phone: tel. (+3751514) 3 64 41
mobile phone (+37529) 351 19 22
tel./fax (+3751514) 3 64 47
UNP: 500000270
Raw materials and equipment for pharmaceutical industry
Pharmaceutical products
#   Name Address Tel
1.  CPMS "State Farm" Big Mozheikovo" St. Lenin, 11, Bolshoe Mozheikovo tel. (+3751514) 3 64 41
2.  Eco-Sapropel JLLC а/я 180, City Minsk tel./fax (+37517) 267 43 41

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