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Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment JSC

ARMATURE COMMUTATION FOR CONTROL PANIC Armature meets the essetial safety requirements of the European New Approach Directives, which is confirmed by the certificate of conformity ?. / No.: 912990009 and awarded marking . Armature is used for control cabin passenger and freight elevators of modern design, which is installed in homes, public and private institutions, buildings, industrial plants. Advantages: - vandal resistance and fire safety; - heightened reliability and high quality; - low cost in comparison with similar products. 1. Armature survive under the following operating conditions: environment temperature -30 º? - + 45 ??; atmospheric pressure 84 - 106,7 ???/ kPa (630-800 mm Hg); Relative humidity of ambient air at t 25?? 30 % - 80 % 2. Dimensions of armature is not more: height 30 ??/mm; diameter 41 ??/mm. 3. Mass of armature is not more than 25 g. 4. The thickness of the panel, which is installed armature 1 - 4 ?? / mm. 5. Maximum switching current up to 50 m? for ??1-05 and armature trucks small no more than 100 m?. 6. Maximum switching voltage 24 V DC (maximum voltage for AK1-05 - 230 VAC). 7. Mechanical and Electrical endurance of at least 106 pressures. 8. Ingress protection valve IP 20 ???? 14254. 9. The backlight: red, green, blue. 10. All versions of armature can be made with the relief symbols on the front panel in accordance with ???? ? 51631?2003. Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment specializes in the production of potentiometer, potentiostat, polarographic,amperometric, analytical instruments and electrode systems to them and measuring technology for the measurement ofacid-base indicators of liquid media (hydrogen ion activity) and the activity of other ions, analysis of steels and alloys, carbonand sulfur, quantitative analysis of a wide range of substances. Company: Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment JSC Country/Region/City: Belarus / Belarus / Minsk Address: Gomel,. International, 49 ZIP/Postal code: 246001 Phone: +375232754846 Fax: +375232757269 Contact person: Natalia Sodoleva Web-site:

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