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Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment JSC

Experience, quality, reliability Microprocessor ionomer И-160 is designed to determine in aqueous solutions the activity of hydrogen ions (pH), redox potential (Eh), activity and concentration of ions: H+, Li+, Na+, K+, NH4+, Ag+, X +, NO3–, ClO4–, F– ,Cl–, Br–, I–, CN–, SCN–, Ca++, Ba++, Mg++, (Ca+Mg)++, Pb++, Cd++, Cu++, Hg++, X++, CO3– –, S – – etc. Applies at analytical control of various objects (water, foodstuffs and raw materials, farm - and veterinary, environmental ob-jects, etc.), as well as in production systems of continuous monitoring of technological processes. Advantages of device - Provide the automatic possessing of measurement results and presentation in all known units. - Compatibility with any domestic and imported ion-selective and pH electrodes. - Calibration constants are stored in memory of off the line device within 2 weeks - Possible connection to the computer. Standard delivery set - Measuring converter 1 pc. - Auxiliary electrode ЭВЛ-1М3.1 1 pc. - Auto temperature compensator TKA-7.1 1 pc. - Universal stand ШУ-1 1 pc. - Spare parts kit 1 kit - Operational documentation/Instruction manuals 1 copy By separate order is supplied - Magnetic stirrer. - Specialized ion-selective and pH-electrodes - Spare parts kit 5М4.070.049 Company: Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment JSC Country/Region/City: Belarus / Belarus / Minsk Address: Gomel,. International, 49 ZIP/Postal code: 246001 Phone: +375232754846 Fax: +375232757269 Contact person: Natalia Sodoleva Web-site:

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