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Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment JSC

Experience, quality, reliability Electrode system simulator И-02 is designed for functional testing of рН-meters, redoxmeters and рХ-meters (ionomers). И-02 allows to control:  State of health of connector line "electrode-converter".  calibration of pH(pX)-meters in manufacturing environment.  Influence of electrode and E.M.F. "Earth-solution" resistance modulation on the above mentioned instruments responses.  Interference immunity of pH(pX)-meters. Applied in production departments, control instrumentation workshops, calibration laboratory of diversified branches of industry. Advantages of device - Independent power supply from four batteries А316 - Presence of battery power alarm - Presence of 2 types of socket inlets: - for 8 mm plug - for cable plug of sensing element ДПг-4М or ДM-5М. Standard delivery set - Simulator1 pc. - Cable2 pc. - Coaxial cable2 pc. - Operational documentation1 copy Company: Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment JSC Country/Region/City: Belarus / Belarus / Minsk Address: Gomel, International, 49 ZIP/Postal code: 246001 Phone: +375232754846 Fax: +375232757269 Contact person: Natalia Sodoleva Web-site:

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