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Amkodor-Logoisk PC

AMKODOR 2661-01

AMKODOR 2661-01

Machine with a lifting capacity of 12 tons able in one trip to carry up to 14 cubic meters of timber. Thanks to the hydro-mechanical transmission machine capable of traveling significant distances on their own at speeds of up to 28 km/hour, which allows her last flight on their own to deliver the goods to the warehouse of the lumber company.

Lighting of the working area in the dark is performed by means of installed on the roof of the cab 12 of the headlights with halogen lamps.

To facilitate starting of the diesel engine at low ambient temperatures the machine is equipped with an Autonomous engine preheater systems Eberspacher (Germany)

Comfortable temperature mode of operation of the operator is ensured by air conditioning installed.

To improve cross through wetlands and snow cover it is recommended that additional installation of the treads and snow chains.

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