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Ditva Peat Factory JSC

Fuel briquettes brand BT-2





Fuel briquettes brand BT-2

Peat briquettes are intended for burning in urban boilers, water heating boilers, and also for domestic purposes. Peat briquettes can be used as high quality fuel for different kinds of furnaces, fireplaces, saunas, chafing dishes and any other household teploagregat. Briquettes can be transported loose or Packed in big bags at 450-550 kg.

Peat briquettes for heating has the following advantages. • High heat transfer. • Long burning. • Ease of use, because the product is ready to use. • Ash formed after combustion can be used as a phosphate fertilizer or lime. Peat briquettes for heating – effective alternative to conventional solid wood, while you don't have to think about firewood, which takes a lot of time.


Fuel briquettes brand BT-2

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