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Ditva Peat Factory JSC

Detail of fuel briquettes





Detail of fuel briquettes

Our factory offers a DETAIL of the fuel peat briquettes, formed during the technological process of production of briquettes and used as industrial fuel for heating boilers. CHP. The shape and size of fines briquettes are not regulated. The quality of fines briquettes: -mass fraction of moisture - not more than 35 %, - ash content - not more than 25 %. Shipping and delivery. You will be glad!

+375 154 577233 Director

+375 154 577131 Deputy Director

+375 154 577132 Chief engineer

+375 154 577236 Chief accountant

+375 154 577237 Accounting

+375 154 577133 Secretary

+375 154 577459 the marketing Department, Fax

+375 154 577238 Production Department

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