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Zhuravlinoe Public Joint Stock Company

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1.  Agro-town Klepachi Hotel service
2.  Agro-town Zhuravliny Hotel service
3.  Apples Fridom selling wholesale Retail trade
4.  Apples Gloster selling wholesale Retail trade
5.  Belarusian varieties of apples buy Retail trade
6.  Champion apples buy Retail trade
7.  Imprus apples buy Retail trade
8.  Selling Apples sort Antonovka Belarus Retail trade
9.  Selling apples variety Alesya Belarus Wholesale Retail trade
10.  Selling Apples variety Aydared Belarus Retail trade
11.  Selling apples variety Imant Retail trade
12.  Selling Apples variety Johnagold Belarus Retail trade
13.  Selling Apples variety Verbnoe Belarus Retail trade
14.  Tourist complex "Nikolaevsky" Hotel service
15.  Vesalina apples buy Retail trade

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