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Belarus to toughen control over movement of goods in response to similar actions of Russia

The introduction of stringent control over the movement of goods is a symmetrical response to the actions of the Russian side, State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Yuri Zhadobin told reporters on June 16. 

Belarus is forced to impose stringent control over the movement of goods on the major motorways connecting our countries. These steps will be taken as a proportionate response to similar actions that have been practiced by the Russian side through the Federal Customs Service for many years already,” Yuri Zhadobin said.

He underlined that these measures are just a mirror-like response to the customs control exercised by the Russian side. 

According to Yuri Zhadobin, the Belarusian side is sorry to state that there have been no changes in the attitude of the Russian side towards the cooperation in the recent days. “There is no constructive approach aimed at reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. Using far-fetched pretexts they keep causing damage to our economic security,” the State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus said. 

He added that these measures will no way affect the interests of ordinary people. “We apologize for possible inconvenience. We believe it is not our fault,” Yuri Zhadobin said.

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