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Belarus trades with 154 countries in January-April

In January-April 2009 traded with 154 countries, exporting to 117 countries and importing from 139 countries, the National Statistics Committee told.

The area of ’ trade has expanded since early this year. For comparison, in January traded with 127 countries, exporting commodities to 86 countries and importing products from 118 countries.

In January-April Belarus’ main trade partners were Russia (48% of the total trade), the Netherlands (7.8%), Germany (5.6%), Ukraine (5.6%), Poland (3.2%), Latvia (3.2%), China (2.7%), the UK (2%) as well as Italy and India.

In January-April 2009 the Belarusian export to shrank by 47.6% to $1868.2 million, with the country accounting for 33.4% of export volume. The export to the went down by 51.5% to $1008.3 million. Consequences of the global crisis have affected ’ trade with many other countries. Thus, in January-April Belarus’ export to amounted to $405 million (40.2% as against the same period last year), — $224.1 million (47.2%), — $186.6 million (54.3%), — $405.7 million (70.1%). Export to , meanwhile, shot up by more than two times to $140.4 million.

In January-April 2009 ’ merchandise trade amounted to $13.797 billion, or 59.7% as against the same period last year.

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