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Lithuanian PM may visit Belarus June 26

Companies of the Belarusian union of cooperative societies (Belcoopsoyuz) intend to start direct deliveries to the Leningrad oblast, chairman of the Belcoopsoyuz board Vladimir Kulseshov said while opening the first exhibition-of Belarusian goods in the town of Gatchina, Leningrad oblast. 

Interregional integration allows identifying competitive advantages of each other and using them for the benefit of residents and economies of the regions, stressed Vladimir Kuleshov. According to him, the Leningrad oblast is a promising and strategic partner of Belcoopsoyuz. The exhibition is the first joint event of Belcoopsoyuz and its Leningrad partners. 

Vladimir Kuleshov also informed that he intends to meet with chiefs of the regional cooperative societies of the Leningrad oblast union of cooperative societies and privately-owned companies based in rural regional and offer them direct deliveries of Belarusian products the Russians are interested in. This will promote export of Belarusian goods and increase trade turnover with the Leningrad oblast. 

Cooperative societies from various regions of Belarus have displayed today a large assortment of fresh and processed agricultural products, meat, wild berries, garden strawberry, mushrooms, mineral water and soft beverages, the Belarusian knitwear, bakery and confectionary goods, textile, footwear, crockery. Partaking in the exhibition are 19 consumer cooperative societies of . 

The cooperation with trading companies of the Leningrad oblast union of cooperative societies is based on the bilateral agreement signed between and the Leningrad oblast. Belarusian flax, knitwear, textile, footwear, bread and dairy products are in great demand in the Leningrad oblast. The Belarusian companies purchase sunflower-seed oil in this Russian region. 

In 2008 Belcoopsoyuz traded with 47 regions of the . The total foreign trade reached $50 million. The trade with the Leningrad oblast made up $233,000 in 2008, up 10% on last year. In January-April 2009 the trade exceeded $110,000, up 5% on the same period last year. The main exports included potato and vegetables, meat, fruit and vegetable tins, nonwoven fabric and sheet wadding. The Belcoopsoyuz exhibition will stay open in Gatchina till June 21.

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