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Dobrush Chinaware Factory starts to supply products to Azerbaijan

Dobrush Chinaware Factory has supplied the first batch of products to . The cost of the contract made up $25,000, said Nina Gorbatovskaya, sales director of the factory. 

At present, the Dobrush-based factory mainly produces expensive chinaware sets. The sides have agreed that in case of the successful sales of the Dobrush-produced chinaware in , the factory will start to supply products 2-3 times more, Nina Gorbatovskaya noted. 

In January-June 2009, Dobrush Chinaware Factory sold products at the amount of Br16 billion, or up 5% as against the same period of last year. The export made up 44% of the total output. In June, the export increased by 3% (in USD) and by 36% (in RUB) as against June of 2008. 

Dobrush Chinaware Factory was founded in December 1978 and reorganized into a closed joint stock company in 1996. The company is part of the Bellegprom Concern on a contract basis. At present, the Dobrush-based factory is the country’s biggest producer of chinaware. The company introduced international standards ISO 9000 (STB ISO 9001-2001). Dobrush Chinaware Factory exports its products to 12 countries.



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