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Companies of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Finland show interest in cooperation with Belarus

Businessmen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland and   are interested in implementation of investment projects in Belarus. Representatives of a number of business companies of these countries have visited the Belarusian Sci-Industrial Association (BSIA), BSIA top advisor Igor Evteev told. 

The talks with the Bosnian delegation led by Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina Lubomir Klinchev, businessmen of and representatives of the Finnish bank EVLI were held. 

During the meetings, the sides discussed the possible participation of businessmen of , and in privatization of Belarusian state-owned companies. The sides also considered the proposals regarding the implementation of Belarusian investment projects with the participation of foreign investments, other issues of the bilateral cooperation. 

To intensify this work, the Belarusian Sci-Industrial Association is going to sign the cooperation agreements with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bosnia and , the Iceland Trading Council. 

According to Igor Evteev, BSIA is expected to sign cooperation agreements with other foreign organizations and business-communities including the International Council of Swedish Industry, the French employers association Medef. 

At present the Belarusian Sci-Industrial Association has 70 agreements on cooperation with public industrial and business organizations of Belarus, countries of Europe, Asia and America .

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