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No plans to sell Belarusian dairy factories to Russia

has no plans to sell dairy factories to Russia, Belarusian Agriculture and Food Minister Semyon Shapiro told a press conference in Minsk on 8 July. 

“They are property of our state. Any deals to sell Belarusian dairy factories are out of the question,” said the Minister. Yet he remarked that is interested in attracting foreign investments into the development of dairy factories. “We are open to discussion and invite all investors regardless of what country they come from,” he stressed. “The key thing is that investors should comply with our requirements and invest money in manufacturing”. 

The Minister remarked that, in particular, the Pruzhany and Shklov dairy factories are working to attract investors. “Work is in progress. If the Russian company Unimilk, with which they are negotiating, becomes the investor, we will be glad,” he added. 

Semyon Shapiro said that is interested in exchanging packages of shares in dairy factories with . During the visit to Voronezh the head of the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry suggested to the Russian side that they should exchange shares, in particular, shares with the company Molvest that owns nine dairy factories. “It is a normal integration process. It is a profitable way for us to work on the Russian market because at present in our country there are many companies that are co-owned by our colleagues from Russia , for example, Belovezhskiye Syry,” he added.



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