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Belarus increases export of optics and tractors to Great Britain

The export of Belarusian optics and tractors to has exceed the sale in 2008, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to and Northern Ireland Alexander Mikhnevich told reporters. 

According to the diplomat, is one of the countries, which was highly exposed to the economic crisis as it is closely integrated in the global economy. The is still experiencing a recession that has an impact on the trade. “However, we are optimists and we hope that by autumn this year the trade between and will be improved. We will try not to reduce the trade between the countries,” Alexander Mikhnevich said. 

According to the diplomat, boosted its export of some export items. For instance, the export of Belarusian optics to is up 30% as against 2008. has the same increase in the export of tractors. “As for furniture, we hope that by the end of the year, its export will outstrip last year’s sales too,” the Belarusian Ambassador said. 

“The cooperation prospects are quite bright. Two big British companies operate on the Belarusian market. We hope that we will have around ten such companies by the end of the year,” Alexander Mikhnevich said. 

The Belarusian Embassy in London constantly monitors the statistics on supplies of Belarusian oil products to Great Britain . Recently, has opened an subsidiary of the Belarusian oil company in to trade without mediators. 

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is one of the main trading partners of Belarus . In 2008, ranked sixth among Belarusforeign partners. In terms of exports, ranked fourth after the Netherlands, Latvia and Poland

In 2008, the trade between and exceeded $1.7 billion, or 100.2% as against 2007. Belarus’ main exports to are oil products (gas oil mainly) including petrol, kerosene and grease oil. All in all, in 2008, the export of oil products made up 95.6% of the total Belarusian export to Great Britain .




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