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UAE, South-Eastern region may become major importers of Belarusian beef

The United Arab Emirates and the countries of the South-Eastern region may become the largest importers of Belarusian beef, Sergei Petrushko, senior researcher of the department for dairy and beef cattle breeding and selection of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus told a press conference in Minsk on 17 July. 

“The market for high-quality Belarusian beef is unlimited; after all, the demand for this product is constantly growing worldwide. is among our major potential beef importers, we can take an active part in the implementation of its food programme,” Sergei Petrushko said. 

He added that should expand its beef cattle industry. “The beef meat production in is not developed well enough, all the beef meat is processed and is not available at shelf stores,” he said. Meanwhile, the country has all the prerequisites for the development of this industry: abounds in meadows and pastures, has the necessary beef stock and relevant experience. “It is also important that the amount of concentrates used in beef cattle breeding is twice lower than that in the milk cattle breeding,” the scientist said.

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