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Belarus-Russia milk dispute to be settled

The dispute over the supplies of Belarusian dairy products to will be resolved, Chairman of the Audit Chamber of Russia Sergei Stepashin said at the joint session of the State Control Committee of and the Russian Audit Chamber on 21 July. 

According to Sergei Stepashin, “an auditing investigation on the milk issue is underway.” He discussed this issue with head of the Russian Federal Consumer Protection Service Gennady Onishchenko who said that most of the issues had already been settled. 

On 21 July Sergei Stepashin met with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and Chairman of the State Control Committee of Belarus Zenon Lomat and visited Minsk Dairy No. 1. “The Belarusian head of state asked us to get involved in the situation and look at it from the standpoint of consumers and watchdogs,” Sergei Stepashin said. “As consumers we liked the products,” he added. The watchdog services try to address all the issues between the two states, especially those that involve big money and can affect the interests of both consumers and producers. 

The Chairman of the Audit Chamber of Russia informed that a consultation on “milk issues” led by First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Victor Zubkov is taking place in Moscow. Taking part in it is Gennady Onishchenko. “I am convinced that within 10 days all the issues will be addressed,” Sergei Stepashin said.



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