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Some Br350bn invested in upgrade of meat and dairy companies in Grodno oblast

For the past three years around Br350 billion has been invested to upgrade meat and dairy enterprises of the Grodno oblast, Grodno oblast governor Vladimir Savchenko told Russian journalists on 22 July. 

Vladimir Savchenko noted that 270 large enterprises operate in the region; almost all of them are joint stock companies. 50% of the goods are exported, including milk (50%) and meat (25%). The region trades with 110 countries, exporting products to 81. 

The Grodno oblast has a well-developed agricultural sector as well as the chemical, light and paper industries. The region fully provides itself with construction materials from cement to finishing materials. Technical re-equipment of the enterprises processing agricultural goods has been almost completed. The food industry accounts for 22% of the overall industrial production in the oblast.

The journalists were especially interested in the issues concerning the supply of the Grodno meat and dairy products to Russia, export restrictions, the state support of agricultural producers, agricultural goods prices, energy and agricultural tourism, investments, financing of upgrade projects, etc. 

 A group of journalists is visiting Belarus on 21-23 July. The group includes representatives of the leading central and regional media of Russia, namely Rossiya channel, RIA RosBusinessConsulting, RIANovosti news agency, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Sovetskaya Rossiya newspaper, etc. The Russian guests are set to visit the Grodno oblast’ major enterprises such as the Molochny Mir dairy, Grodnokhlebprodukt bakery, Lidskoye Pivo brewery, Lidselmash farm equipment producer, Mozheikovo and Novyi Vek farms. The journalists will learn how the oblast addresses the issues relating to the stable operation of industrial and agricultural enterprises.




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