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Grodno oblast seeks to export meat and dairy products to EU

The Grodno oblast is studying a possibility of launching export of meat and dairy products to the EU countries, Grodno Oblast Governor Vladimir Savchenko told Russian journalists on 22 July. 

The issue concerning the export of meat and dairy products to the EU countries has been discussed during a meeting between Vladimir Savchenko and Head of the EC Delegation in and Mr Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira. 

According to the Governor, as the exports to the are falling and unstable, the local meat and dairy companies have to seek new sales markets. “Any delay in the export of our products to , especially during the global slump, means big losses for our producers. It is very bad when the agreements are not fulfilled and the bans are imposed spontaneously. It is true there was a moment when we did not know where to supply the cheese. Russia does not import our dry milk. Our companies including the biggest one, Bellakt, have to start looking for new markets in Iraq, Venezuela, China, Azerbaijan and other countries including the European Union,” Vladimir Savchenko said. 

In January-May this year, meat and dairy exports of Grodno producers made up around $83 million, down 15% as against the same period last year. 

At the same time, Vladimir Savchenko noted that the oblast is ready to increase the production of meat and dairy products by using soya protein in feeding-stuffs. 

The Governor underscored that the food companies of the region do not use hormones in feeding-stuffs. All the producers have been provided with the monitoring equipment to control that the quality of the products is in line with the Russian standards. New production lines made in Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany have been installed at all the food processing companies, Vladimir Savchenko added.







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