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Around 80 Belarusian companies to display their products in Odessa

Around 80 leading Belarusian companies will display their products at the Belarus 2009 National Exhibition which opened in Odessa (Ukraine) on 23 July. 

Within three days, participants and guests of the exhibition will be able to get familiar with up-to-date developments of Belarusian scientists, products of the machine-tool, machine-construction and woodworking industry, construction and architecture, household appliances, foodstuffs, distilled beverages and soft drinks, consumer goods and Belarusian souvenirs. 

The Belarus 2009 National Exhibition is being held on the open ground of the concert and exhibition centre of the Odessa Sea Trading Port. Attending the forum are permanent participants of the national exhibitions – Minsk Tractor Works, Minsk Motor Works, Amkodor, Gomselmash and others. Their products are in popular demand in Ukraine.

The national exhibition has been organized by the Belarusian Trade Ministry and the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the auspices of the Belarusian Embassy in Ukraine.

Earlier, held national exhibitions in Kiev in 2006 and 2008. In 2007, Minsk hosted the Ukrainian national exhibition “Goods of Ukraine”. 

The basis of the bilateral relations between and is the stable and dynamic development of the trade and economic cooperation. In 2008, the trade between the two countries made up around $5 billion. ranks third among foreign countries in Belarustrade partners main list. In turn, ranks seventh among foreign countries in Ukraine’s trade partners main list



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