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Belarus should develop new methods of foreign trade, Alexander Lukashenko says

Belarus should introduce new up-to-date methods of foreign trade, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated during a meeting with heads of Belarusian overseas institutions on 23 July. 

According to Alexander Lukashenko, needs to focus on economic reforms if it wants to stay competitive. “The post-crisis leader will be those who are better prepared for tomorrow rather than those who are well-adjusted today. And in some things, we are still lagging behind,” he said. 

The President urged to change the quality of foreign and economic activities. In the new conditions needs to produce a sophisticated product rather than just a product. “We need to proceed from primitive trade to sophisticated trading networks, pre-sale and after-sale service. We need to be on a par with world-class standards never yielding to competitors either in efficiency or quality,” the head of state said. 

Alexander Lukashenko is confident that the Belarusians will be able to win over foreign markets only if they offer goods at competitive price. 

The President paid special attention to the quality of goods. Consumers are becoming more demanding and Belarusian producers should keep pace with changing requirements, he said.



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