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Belarus welcomes Russian investors to co-build advanced dairy

Belarus is planning to construct a cutting-edge dairy plant which would process two million tonnes of milk, Minister of Agriculture and Food Semyon Shapiro told a press conference for Russian and Belarusian reporters. 

“We are now looking into investment sources and welcome Russian investors to take part in the construction of the plant,” the minister said. Yet so far Russian investors have shown little interest in the project. They are more interested in acquiring stakes in existing companies. 

Semyon Shapiro stressed that Russian capital is present in the Belarusian processing industry. Russians have invested in the Belovezhskiye Syry company and other facilities. The Russian company, Unimilk, is cooperating with the Pruzhany and Shklov milk plants and is ready to invest in these companies. Russia’s Detskoselsky concern has recently made a proposal to exchange shares with one of Belarusian companies

The minister noted that raising investment is the basis of the state policy of . The privatization in the country is carried our in compliance with the legislation. “If some think they can buy a facility for two kopecks, the yare just wrong,” Semyon Shapiro said. According to him, the requirements to investors in are justified.



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