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Belarus, China coordinate terms of loan for upgrade of Belarus’ cement plants

Belarus and have agreed the terms of the loan for the upgrade of the Belarusian cement plants, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Viktor Burya said during a session of the Council of Ministers on 28 July. 

According to the Vice-Premier, it is high time Belarus stepped up the work on technical modernization of the Belarusian cement plants. Much time has been wasted to agree the loan terms with the Chinese side. All the issues have been settled now.

Viktor Burya also informed on the decision to exempt the plants from taxes for the period the upgrade projects are implemented. These funds will be channeled into the projects in the form of a tax credit. The schedules of executing investment projects need to be presented in the near future. 

Speaking about capital investments in the construction industry, Viktor Burya noted that more than Br700 billion was used in H1 (up 73.3% while the growth target was 25%). The investment growth rate is good, he concluded.




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