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Belneftekhim’s capital investment up 19.6% in H1

In H1 2009 the companies subordinate to the Belneftekhim concern invested Br1.823 trillion, up 19.6% from the same period 2008. 

Eighty-three investment projects are currently underway in the industry. Around 300 production and non-production facility are at the stage of construction. 

The most important projects include the construction of the diesel fuel hydrofining plant at the Mozyr oil refinery. The facility is slated to come on stream in 2010. It will increase the output of diesel fuel and improve its ecological specifications to comply with the Euro-5 standards. The plant of fossil wax is completing the setting up of the new hard petroleum wax production using a Swiss technology (the capacity is 18,000 tonnes a year). 

GrodnoAzot is upgrading the caprolactam production to increase its capacity to 80,000 tonnes a year. The new equipment will reduce the prime cost of the product, enhance labour safety, improve the ecological situation and boost the export potential of the company. The Gomel chemical plant is upgrading the phosphoric acid shop to boost its capacity to 230,000 tonnes a year, to increase the efficiency of the production and reduce costs. 

Big projects are being implemented in the chemical fibers industry too. 

All in all, Belneftekhim is projected to use Br4.9 trillion of capital investments in 2009. 

The Belneftekhim petrochemical concern includes over 60 organisations. The company accounts for nearly 30% of Belarusindustrial production. The concern produces more than 500 descriptions of petrochemical and chemical products. In 2008 over 70% of the products were exported to 94 countries.



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