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Union State should draft automobile construction programme

Belarus and Russia should develop a new Union State programme Automobile 2020, Oleg Danilov, director general of Central Company of International Financial and Industrial Group BelRusAvto, said on 4 August. 

“Despite the difficult financial position of the Russian and Belarusian automobile industry, the countries should develop and adopt a new programme till 2015 and to work on the project Automobile 2020 in the long run,” Oleg Danilov said. This is why we should already develop a concept of R&D work which will become the ground for key technical solutions. Then in 2015-2020 we will be able to talk about creating capacities for constructing new up-to-date automobiles at the enterprises of and . “If the two countries work separately, the new automobile might not be assembled by 2020,” Oleg Danilov said. In his words, neither MAZ nor KAMAZ has money to develop a new platform for the 2015 automobile, so the Union State should help the manufacturers create a common platform, he added. 

He also made an assumption that introduction of the Euro-4 technical regulations can be postponed in till 2012. Thus, preferences will remain in place from 2010 to 2012 for Russian and Belarusian companies, which have not yet launched the production of Euro-4 cars and diesel engines

Apart from this, Oleg Danilov criticized the way the Union State programmes are prepared. The two programmes to develop diesel automobile construction were carried out successfully, but it took too much time to design these rpogrammes. At first proposals are worked out and approved of by the two sides and then they are introduced to the Union State Council of Ministers. Once approved, a programme is being developed. The director general of BelRusAvto noted that the new programme should be developed faster taking into account previous mistakes.



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