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BelTechExport interested in using Riga seaport capacities

BelTechExport is interested in using the capacities of the Riga seaport to transport and transship goods, Vladimir Peftiev, chairman of the general meeting of BelTechExport, said during a meeting between acting mayor of Minsk Nikolai Ladutko and a delegation of the Riga Duma headed by deputy chairman Ainars Shlesers on 13 August.

Vladimir Peftiev noted that an agreement was reached with China’s aerospace corporation which unites 200 companies. “We have signed a protocol of cooperation. We are set to implement an investment programme in the Baltic seaport to create a kind of a get-through corridor. We hope to build up logistics schemes and get the financial assistance from the Chinese export bank,” Vladimir Peftiev said.

For his part Ainars Shlesers said that the Riga seaport can become a strategic place not only for Minsk but for Belarus and other CIS countries. “We would like to turn the Riga seaport into an international integration centre. Therefore the port has started working with new partners from various countries,” Ainars Shlesers said. According to him, for the past five years the cargo turnover at the port has doubled from 15 million tonnes to 30 million tonnes a year. The goal is to boost the freight turnover to at least 50 million tonnes a year in the next four years. This can be achieved with the help of strategic partners,” Ainars Shlesers said.

The Riga port is also planning to develop new terminals, for example, a multipurpose container terminal on the area of 180 hectares. “Our main competitors do not have such opportunities. We would like to see Belarusian companies among our partners,” Ainars Shlesers said. He already held meetings with chief executives of the Belneftekhim concern, Minsk Tractor Works, Amkodor.

“We are ready to create good working conditions. These can be joint companies or enterprises with 100% capital. The main thing is that Riga has the potential, possibilities and interest to develop cooperation with Belarusian partners,” Ainars Shlesers assured. He also told about the advantages that the Riga seaport can provide for Belarusian companies. For example, the Riga free seaport is entitled to 80% discount on all taxes until 2017. “If the income tax for exporters in Latvia is 15%, it is 80% less in the seaport. This is a unique opportunity,” he said.

Nikolai Ladutko supported the project and suggested BelTechExport, Amkodor and Minsk City Hall, as a coordinator of the project, unite their efforts at the initial stage of the project.


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