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Vitebsk Moloko Company to set joint company in Kazakhstan

The Vitebsk-based Moloko Company is setting up a joint company to produce dairy products in Kazakhstan, it was learnt from Valentina Vishnevskaya, first deputy director general of the Vitebsk concern ‘Meat and Dairy Products’.

The joint company will be set up in the Kazakh town of Uralsk. According to Valentina Vishnevskaya, Moloko will supply up-to-date equipment and also dried milk and butter to produce qualitative dairy products. The Glubokoe Dairy Plant is also considering the possibility to set up a joint company in Kazakhstan.

According to Valentina Vishnevskaya, the setting up of joint companies is one of the forms to advance goods to foreign markets. Companies if the Vitebsk concern ‘Meat and Dairy Products’ expand the geography of their supplies. Recently, around 80% of dairy products have been supplied to the Russian Federation. At present, dairy companies of the region supply their products to Syria, Poland, France and Kazakhstan. The dried milk produced by the Vitebsk dairy plants are in demand in France. The dairy plants in Lepel, Vitebsk, Glubokoe and Polotsk have signed contracts for the supply of dried milk to Iraq (3,000 tonnes).

The Vitebsk concern ‘Meat and Dairy Products’ is one of the biggest associations of the meat and dairy industry of Belarus. It unites eight dairy companies and four meat companies. Over the six months this year, companies of the concern produced products at the amount of Br661.1 billion. The export reached $80 million.


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