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Belarus state veterinary service bans export of products of four meat and dairy plants to Russia

Belarus has expanded the list of the meat and diary plants which have been temporarily banned the export of their products to Russia, Rosselkhoznadzor website reports.

The Belarus State Veterinary Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus has added the Bobruisk Meat Packing Plant, the Luninets Dairy, the Kobrin Creamery and Minsk City Dairy No1 to the list which already contains the Dyatlovo Creamery, the Skidel Dairy and the affiliated branch of Molochny Mir Company.

The Main Veterinary Service and the State Veterinary and Food Inspectorate have temporarily banned export of the production of these companies to Russia, after the products repeatedly tested positive for tetracycline antibiotics. At present, some 41 Belarusian food companies are permitted to supply their products to the Russian Federation.

Starting 17 July, Rosselkhoznadzor has enhanced the lab monitoring of 40 Belarusian meat and dairy plants including Bellakt, the Orsha Dairy, Starfood, Babushkina Krynka, Molochnye Gorki, the Stolbtsy Meat Packing Plant, the Bereza Creamery, Molochny Mir, the Volkovysk Meat Packing Plant, the Orsha Poultry Plant, the Glubokoe Dairy, the Bobruisk Meat Packing Plant and others.


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