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Kazakh specialists praise performance of Belarusian tractors

Belarusian machines are highly spoken of in Kazakhstan, Deputy Director General of the ZIKSTO company (Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan) Viktor Shumakov told.

To cite an example of reliability of Belarusian machines he mentioned tractors Belarus that Kazakhstan has been using for about 25 years.

Viktor Shumakov also said that ZIKSTO had tested attaching a Kazakhstan-made sowing machine to a Belarus-made tractor MTZ-3022. The test produced positive results.

Formerly a defence industry enterprise, the ZIKSTO company virtually started Kazakhstan’s railway carriage production industry in 2008. The company accomplished an investment project for designing perspective types of freight wagons and starting their production. In 2008 the company made 30 gondola wagons and 16 regular ones in 2009. The Deputy Director General said that the company could supply the merchandise to Belarus.

ZIKSTO specialises in manufacturing and total overhaul of gondola wagons and wagons, manufacturing and repairs of bogies. This year the company launched an investment project for certifying hopper cars, which are designed to transport hot pellets and agglomerates.

Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ trademark) is a major producer of agricultural machinery. The company designs, manufactures and exports wheeled tractors, spare parts, licenses their manufacturing, provides service support. MTZ products are sold in over 60 countries. MTZ offers 24 universal cultivating tractor models, six compact tractor models, eight walk-behind tractor models, 15 special industrial machine models as well as ploughs.


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