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Russia to expand preferences onto new Belarusian exports

Belarus and Russia are working to expand preferential amendments onto new Belarusian exports to the Russian Federation, Vladimir Dernovoi, Head of the Central Industry, Transport and Communication Department of the Belarusian Economy Ministry, told media on 28 August.

Work is underway to add new Belarusian exports to Russian Economic Development Ministry Order No. 427 on preferential treatment of products during government purchases. The Russian Industry and Trade Ministry has passed an additional list of Belarusian goods that the preferential amendments will apply to. Those are primarily products of the civil engineering, road construction and municipal machinery manufacturing industries. Their number includes Belkommunmash trolley buses. The amendments are expected to cover several foodstuffs.

Vladimir Dernovoi reminded, this year Belarus managed to enter around 40 commodities into the list of goods entitled to preferential treatment (equal to the preferential treatment that Russian products enjoy).

Belarus and Russia are working to ensure equal access of Belarusian goods to the Russian market, to increase export, primarily, the export of products made by Industry Ministry enterprises. A set of regulations is being developed to implement the project for the preferential lending that Sberbank of Russia is expected to offer to Russian buyers of Belarusian products. A mechanism is being created to make the lending scheme possible, with existing Russian preferential lending norms under discussion.


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