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Belarus’ Construction Ministry exports to 34 countries in 2009

In H1 2009 the companies of the Architecture and Construction Ministry of Belarus exported to 34 countries, the same level of 2008. Despite an impact the economic crisis has left on the whole world, the companies were able to preserve their markets, it was learnt from the Architecture and Construction Ministry of Belarus.

In January-June 2009 Belarusian construction materials were delivered to 24 non-CIS countries. The Belarusian products went to ten CIS states including Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova. According to the ministry, taking into account a decrease in demand for construction products in Europe, the Belarusian companies have oriented more to the Asian region this year. For instance, in January-June the export to Turkmenistan reached $930,000, to Uzbekistan - $1.977 million and Georgia - $584,000.

In money terms the volume of export of the companies of the Architecture and Construction Ministry of Belarus made up $122 million, 52.2% down in H1 from January-June 2008. It was caused by a reduction in the volume of construction services provided abroad and decreased prices for construction materials.

“We have been taking all necessary measures to make our construction materials competitive on the global market. To retain markets the Belarusian companies have to cut export prices, without any dumping though. The companies provide a flexible discount system and a delay in payments,” the experts said.

Today the Belarusian companies export over 300 kinds of construction materials. “Despite the current economic downturn the companies are working hard to expand their presence abroad. The ministry has been developing commodity distribution facilities with the Belarusian capital, the companies sign dealer and distribution contracts”.

The Architecture and Construction Ministry has opened nine trading houses with the Belarusian capital in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Moldova. Neman Glassworks and the Borisov Crystal Plant are setting up a joint trading house in Azerbaijan. The Belarusian companies have been also expanding a network of large dealers and distributors selling the products under the producer’s trademark.


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