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KBC works on Naftan visbreaking upgrade

The English company KBC has worked out a basic design to reconstruct Naftan’s Visbreaking/Thermal Cracking unit. The technical upgrading will take place in 2010.

The Visbreaking/Thermal Cracking process is an important link of Naftan’s technological chain that generates commercial oil from heavy fuel oil residue. The equipment also produces petrol and diesel. The upgradeg will help increase the capacity of the unit by approximately 20-25%.

Naftan has been implementing other investment projects as well. Among them is the construction of the Penex low-temperature isomerization unit, technical upgrading of the ABT-2 vacuum unit, others.

In line with Naftan’s development programme through 2011 the company plans to increase the volume of oil refining up to 12 million tonnes per year.

The Novopolotsk-based refinery was founded in 1963 and reincorporated as a joint stock company in 2002. The company is a part of the Belneftekhim Concern and specializes in the production of fuel and oil products. Its product portfolio includes over 70 descriptions. Nearly 70% of the products are exported to the CIS countries, the European Union, the Middle East and the USA.


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