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Gomselmash to ship 11 fodder harvesters to Argentina in 2009

The Gomel-based producer of agricultural machines Gomselmash will ship 11 fodder harvesters to Argentina in 2009, Head of the company’s Overseas Trade Office Igor Korotkevich told.

The batch consists of nine Palesse FS80-2 and two Palesse FS60 harvesters. Most of them have already been delivered to Argentina and are now on sale at the service centre of Gomselmash’s branch in San Francisco, Cordoba province. The rest of the batch will be delivered by the end of September.

It is spring time in the southern hemisphere now. Fodder harvesting season in Argentina will begin in December. The bulk of purchases of fodder harvesters will take place in October-December in Argentina.

Belarusian producers of agricultural machinery gradually increase sales in this Latin America country. In 2007 two harvesters were sold, in 2008 – six harvesters. The Argentinean branch performs tuning and pre-sale preparation as well as after-sales service. Local farmers have generally spoken well about Gomselmash machines.

Igor Korotkevich is convinced that it is the reliability of Gomselmash machines that is the key factor in promoting them to foreign markets. For instance, last year an oblast of Kazakhstan bought a Belarusian grain harvester for the first time. It performed excellently during the harvesting campaign. This year the oblast bought five similar harvesters. Several days ago the Kazakh partners said: “If these machines perform during harvesting as well as the first one did, we will buy 50 ones in 2010”.

The manufacturing corporation Gomselmash is a multi-business producer of machines designed to cultivate and harvest crops using contemporary agrarian technologies. The Gomselmash line-up includes machines for harvesting grain, forage crops, sugar beet, potato, as well as mowers and machines for complex soil cultivation. The company’s designing, manufacturing and maintenance practices are certified for compliance with the international quality management system ISO 9001-2001. The corporation was set up in 1978 at premises of the Gomselmash enterprise that was founded in 1930. At present the company employs 17,000 people.


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