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Grodno meat-packing plant opens new variety meats shop floor

The Grodno meat-packing plant launched a new shop floor to make sausage products from variety meats, Director General of the company Anatoly Grishuk told.

After the shop floor was opened, the production of meat products from variety meats rose 50% up to six tonnes per shift. In the future the company plans to produce up to 20 tonnes per day.

The meat-packing plant has completed another stage of upgrading ahead of schedule. The new shop floor was scheduled to be opened in April 2010, but after a thorough market study, the company decided to speed up work. The analysts of the company point out that the demand for products made from variety meats is constantly growing, especially among low-income customers. The new shop floor is expected to strengthen the company’s positions in the economy class market segment. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, the company managed to improve the quality and taste of its products.

The new shop floor was designed using advanced engineering solutions that helped the company to comply with all sanitary regulations, raise the degree of automation of major operations, eliminate the waste of products and improve working conditions. Having optimized the production facilities, the company plans to earn additionally Br300 million a month.

The technological process in the new shop is compliant with STB ISO 9001 and STB1470 (НАССР) quality management systems and hence with the EU Directives and Rospotrebnadzor regulations.

In 2009 the company plans to investment Br20 billion in modernization of the production.

The Grodno meat-packing plant was founded in 1972. The company’s designed capacity is around 800 tonnes of sausage products a month. After several investment projects have been implemented, the monthly output was increased to 1,500 tonnes. The company exports around 25% of its output. In 2005 it delivered its products to Russia, EU countries and Iran to the tune of $34 million. In 2008 the company received Belarus’ Best Exporter Award. The company employs 1,350 people.


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