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Belarusian breweries increase beer export by 150% in January-August

  In January-August 2009 Belarusian breweries exported 1.363 million decaliters of beer, 152.3% up on the same period of last year, it was learnt from representatives of the Belarusian state food industry concern Belgospischeprom.

In line with the programme for developing Belarus’ brewing industry in 2006-2010 this year’s export is supposed to total 3.4 million decaliters of beer. In January-August Brestskoe Pivo exported 43,300 decaliters of beer (421.4% as against the same period of last year), Krinitsa — 1.067 million decaliters (263.1%), Lidskoe Pivo — 150,700 decaliters (337.9%), Syabar — 25,300 decaliters (200.3%).

According to the Belgospischeprom concern, in January-August domestic sales totaled 21.699 million decaliters of beer, 60.3% of the amount planned for the period and 11.8% down on the same period of 2008.

All in all, in January-August 2009 Belarus turned out 23.579 million decaliters of beer, 9.2% down on the same period of 2008. Over the eight months Krinitsa increased beer output by 5% to 10.169 million decaliters, Lidskoe Pivo — by 3% to 3.363 million decaliters.

Meanwhile, Olivaria Brewery reduced its output by 4.2% to 4.423 million decaliters, Syabar — 24.2% down to 2.783 million decaliters, Brestskoe Pivo — 13.5% down to 1.844 million decaliters, Rechitsapivo — 65.4% down to 730,000 decaliters.

Of the total beer made in Belarus in January-August Krinitsa accounted for 43.1% (37.7% in the same period of last year), Olivaria Brewery — 18.8% (17.8%), Lidskoe Pivo — 14.3% (12.6%), Syabar — 11.8% (14.1%), Brestskoe Pivo — 7.8% (8.2%), Rechitsapivo — 3.1% (8.1%).

In January-August 2009 beer output in PET bottles totaled 17.975 million decaliters, 76.2% of the total output. PET beer output shrank by 7.2% in comparison with the same period of last year.

According to the beer industry development programme in 2009 Belarus is expected to produce 55 million decaliters of beer. Belarusian beer is manufactured by nine specialized companies. In 2008 the national beer output amounted to 35.342 million decaliters, 0.5% down on 2007.


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