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Rospotrebnadzor satisfied with quality of Minsk dairy products

The Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights (Rospotrebnadzor) has not submitted any complaints regarding the presence of antibiotics in dairy products produced by Minsk enterprises, director general of Minskgorpishcheprom Glafira Yermakovich told a press conference.

She reminded that a small amount of antibiotics was found in the products of Minsk Dairy No 1. “Temporary monitoring has been introduced. Every day each consignment of products going to Moscow is examined by Rospotrebnadzor. Over the last month we did not receive any complaints from the Russian side,” Glafira Yermakovich said.

According to her, Minsk companies supply only fresh and natural milk to Moscow. As for antibiotics, Belarus allows an insignificant amount of antibiotic residues in diary products, just like other countries. According to the Russian regulations, however, dairy products should be free of these substances. “We have settled this issue here. There are almost no antibiotics in milk. The control over antibiotic residues extends to all raw materials supplied to the Minsk enterprises,” the Minskgorpishcheprom director general said. In July Minsk dairies sent samples of their products to Russia and one more time received all sanitary and epidemiological inspection reports and certificates. “It means that we proved once again the proper quality of our products,” Glafira Yermakovich said.

She pointed out the high production level of Minsk dairies. “Minsk enterprises are up-to-date. We would not be ashamed to bring the European Commission over there. We have installed the equipment we could only dream of before,” she said. Every enterprise has accredited laboratories. The companies exercise strict control at all the production stages. “It is impossible that such products do not comply with national standards or Russian technical regulations. Such products will just not leave the enterprise,” Glafira Yermakovich said.


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