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Belarus can export 200,000 tonnes of beet sugar

Belarus can export 200,000 tonnes of beet sugar made out of this year’s beet harvest, representatives of the Belarusian state food industry concern Belgospischeprom told.

According to preliminary calculations, taking into account technological qualities of sugar beet the expected beet sugar output is supposed to satisfy the domestic demand and set apart over 200,000 tonnes for export.

This year Belarus’ gross sugar beet yield is expected to exceed 4 million tonnes. Taking into account the considerable amount of raw stock, the harvesting began early and 1-3 September saw sugar refineries start processing this year’s harvest.

According to current data as of 16 September 379,000 tonnes of sugar beet has been stocked, with its sugar content higher than last year’s. Sugar refineries have processed 346,000 tonnes of raw stock already to make 42,000 tonnes of white sugar, or 123.3% as against the output registered on 16 September 2008. Since the season began the daily sugar beet processing volume has stood at 28,000 tonnes.


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