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Vitebsk Carpets to set up joint venture in Ukraine

The open joint-stock company Vitebsk Carpets is setting up a joint venture in Ukraine, it was learnt from deputy director general of the company Sergei Kolesnik.

The Belarusian-Ukrainian joint venture is expected to produce more than 300,000 square meters of carpets per month. The new company will start operation in late 2009. The joint venture will help Vitebsk Carpets hold positions of the company on the Ukrainian market, Sergei Kolesnik is sure.

The expansion of the chain stores network in Belarus and outside the country is one more method to increase the sale volumes. For instance, by the end of October, the second chain store in Russia will open in the town of Dzerzhinsk (Nizhny Novgorod oblast). The first chain store in Russia was opened in Smolensk ten years ago. Vitebsk Carpets actively sets up a dealer network and works with bulk buyers in Moscow, Latvia and Moldova. Thus, 40 dealers of Vitebsk Carpets operate in the Russian Federation. According to Sergei Kolesnik, at present, the company is studying the possibility to expand the commodity distribution network in Siberia.

In January-September 2009, Vitebsk Carpets increased export by 6.7% over the same period last year. Over the nine months this year, the production growth rate exceeded 104%.

The company was founded in 1947. In 1994, Vitebsk Carpets was reorganized into the open joint-stock company. Thanks to technical modernization the company has mastered all kinds of machine-made products. The colour range can include eight colors.


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