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Belarusian cheeses set to reach into Sverdlovsk oblast market

Belarus can take up to 30% of the cheese market in the Sverdlovsk oblast, said Sverdlovsk Oblast Agriculture Minister Sergei Chemezov at a roundtable session held in Yekaterinburg with representatives of Belarusian companies on 6 October. The event was held as part of the national expo of Belarus in Yekaterinburg.

“The Sverdlovsk oblast is ready to grant Belarus 30% of its cheese market. We can select an operator and set up a representative office to work with Belarusian suppliers,” said Sergei Chemezov.

He admitted that the market is saturated with food from non-CIS states. Meanwhile, customers are not always happy about them and would like some quality natural products. According to Sergei Chemezov, it is necessary to set up markets to support each other. Then preferences granted to producers in the two countries will work, there will be new orders and a revival of the food market.

Apart from that, the Sverdlovsk oblast is interested in buying Belarusian butter and in direct purchases of beef.

The Sverdlovsk oblast is open to proposals of the Belarusian side, which has advanced technologies in its processing industry, underlined the Sverdlovsk Oblast Agriculture Minister. Belarus First Vice Premier Vladimir Semashko suggested: “Give us some poor factory of yours. We will fit it with equipment, will use our resource base and will start manufacturing dairy products there”. The proposal has been approved of by partners.

At the roundtable session it was also noted that the Sverdlovsk oblast uses the Belarusian triticale growing technology. The Sverdlovsk oblast used to grow only rye before. Now the Sverdlovsk oblast would like to acquire triticale seeds from Belarus.

At the roundtable session the sides agreed to work on setting up a logistics center for Belarusian goods in a Yekaterinburg suburb. The logistics center is supposed to sell Belarusian goods in the oblast and the entire Urals region.


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