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Kaliningrad oblast wants to increase import of construction materials made by Grodno companies

The Kaliningrad oblast shows interest in increasing supplies of construction materials from the Grodno region, Tamara Kuzyaeva, the governor’s plenipotentiary in the Kaliningrad Oblast Duma, said on November 22 when visiting the Grodno oblast executive committee. On November 22 a delegation of the Kaliningrad oblast of Russia arrived in the Grodno oblast for a two-day visit.

The economic sector of the Kaliningrad oblast has been recently showing an upward tendency. As an example Tamara Kuzyaeva cites housing construction statistics. Till the end of the current year the Kaliningrad oblast plans to build 750 thousand square meters of housing; in 2008 – 1 million. “We would like the Grodno companies to expand their presence in the Kaliningrad region because of our construction boom,” she said.

According to Tamara Kuzyaeva, expansion of the cooperation between the Kaliningrad and Grodno oblasts does not mean increase in mutual trade only. “We are interested in promoting contacts in education, culture, medicine, municipal services and in stimulating investment cooperation,” said the official.

The signing of a comprehensive plan of cooperation actions between the two oblasts will help promote bilateral interaction, Tamara Kuzyaeva is confident.


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