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CSTO, Russia sign agreement on terms of deployment of CSTO Joint Staff Headquarters in Russia

On November 26, the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Government of the Russian Federation signed an agreement on the terms of deployment of the CSTO Joint Staff Headquarters on the territory of Russia. The document was signed by CSTO General Secretary Nikolai Bordiuzha and First Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Andrei Denisov, BelTA learnt in the press service of the CSTO secretariat.

The agreement aims to create the environment conductive to the efficient operation of the CSTO Joint Staff Headquarters in the Russian Federation. The terms meet the international law and international practice of stationing international organizations.

The document was agreed by all the CSTO member states, approved by the CSTO bodies including the CSTO Council of Defense Ministers and the Collective Security Council.

In line with the document, the property and the premises of the CSTO Joint Staff headquarters, which are located in the territory of the Russian Federation, are announced inviolable. The authorities of the host country may enter the premises of the headquarters by approbation of the chief of staff or his deputy only. At the same time, the document says that the inviolability of the headquarters’ premises does not give the right to use them for the purposes incompatible with the functions of the organization, or the purposes which may damage the security of the CSTO member states, the interests of their natural or juridical persons.

For official communication the CSTO Joint Staff Headquarters will have the rights similar to those of the other diplomatic missions. The Joint Staff mail shall not be censored.

The military men and the civic personnel of the CSTO Joint Staff Headquarters will have no right to engage in commercial activity except scientific, creative or educational activities.


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