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Dozens of police hurt in second night of Paris riots

There have been running battles between French police and youths for the second consecutive night, reviving memories of the riots that shook the country in 2005. Then as now, the deaths of two teenagers sparked the unrest. The latest violence follows a crash between a police car and a motorcycle ridden by two youths, both of whom died.
With missiles thrown, more than 60 police are said to have been injured, at least five of them seriously. Some reports say several officers were shot. Public buildings were set on fire and private businesses attacked. A large number of vehicles have also been set ablaze.

Clashes erupted in the suburb of Villiers-le-Bel, north of Paris. But overnight unrest spread to neighbouring communities.

An inquiry will focus on whether police helped the two dying youths after the accident at the weekend which authorities say did not involve a chase. Locals have claimed that officers fled the scene after Sunday's incident.

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