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Franck Muller Group ready to promote Luch brand in international market

Franck Muller Group is ready to promote the Luch watch brand in the international market, Vartan Sirmakes said during a meeting with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

“We want to reorganize Minsk Watch Plant, to create an image and promote the Luch brand in the international market. I think you will be proud of the Luch products,” Vartan Sirmakes.

He also informed the President of several projects that the Swiss Group is ready to implement jointly with Minsk Watch Plant. The company plans to design a special series of watches for the World Ice Hockey Championship 2014. “We want to make exactly 2014 pieces. They will sell well as collector’s items all over the world,” the businessman said. The Group is also looking to produce women wristwatches under the Belorussiya brand. The first part of the word, which reads “bella”, means “beautiful” in many languages, Vartan Sirmakes explained.

According to Vartan Sirmakes, he sees that Belarus government has been taking measures to promote industrial production. .

Alexander Lukashenko said he would be ready to provide all possible and necessary support if the Swiss Group takes a decision in favor of cooperation with Belarus.


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