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Naftan signs delivery contract with Czech UNIS

Naftan Oil Refinery has concluded a contract with the UNIS company, the Czech Republic, on the delivery of AT-8 oil primary processing equipment, it was learnt from the company.

The Czech firm won the tender held by the Novopolotsk-based plant. UNIS will supply heat-exchange equipment, technological refrigerators, pumps and containers. The equipment will be delivered in 2010.

The Belarusian plant first purchased tool turrets from the Petrozavodskmash Company, Russia, and an Italian process furnace. Tool turrets have been delivered since August 2008. They will be installed within six months. The process furnace has already been assembled.

An architectural reconstruction design of the equipment was approved by Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. 1270 of 30 September 2009.

The reconstruction of the AT-8 oil primary processing equipment is one of the most important projects of the Naftan development program that envisages an increase in the volume of oil processing up to 12 million tons per year, with processing depth up to 90-95%.

AT-8 equipment was introduced alongside the first stage of the Novopolotsk oil refinery construction; it has become out of date and has not been used for a long time. It will be replaced with an up-to-date facility with the total capacity of nearly 6 million tons per year. The new equipment will be installed by 2012.

The Novopolotsk-based refinery was founded in 1963 and reincorporated as a joint stock company in 2002. The company is a part of the Belneftekhim Concern and specializes in the production of fuel and oil products. Its product portfolio includes over 70 descriptions. Nearly 70% of the products are exported to the CIS countries, the European Union, the Middle East and the USA.


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