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Borisov plant "Avtogydrousilitel" to set up trading house in Tatarstan

The Borisov plant "Avtogidrousilitel" will set up a trading house in Tatarstan (Russian Federation), it was learnt from the company.

According to Council of Ministers’ resolution N01313 of 10 October 2009, Avtogidrousilitel will make a deposit of RUB29.970 into the authorized capital of the future trading house.

The creation of the trading house in Kazan (Tatarstan) will allow Avtogidrousilitel to improve the financial and economic performance of the company. Specialists intend to increase the sales in Russia by 1.3-1.5%, raise the competitiveness of the Belarusian goods on the Russian market. The Borisov-based company also intends to expand the commodity distribution network in the Russian Federation, organize a serving network. The Borisov plant "Avtogidrousilitel" plans to open a consignment storehouse near the automobile assembly plant KamAZ.

To set up the trading house, Avtogidrousilitel has chosen Tatarstan as this region has a great economic potential and developed machine-building industry.

The Borisov plant "Avtogidrousilitel" produces steering gear, hydraulic booster pumps, hydraulic cylinders and others. The Belarusian plant supplies its products to the biggest automakers of the CIS countries including MAZ, GAZ (Nizhny Novgorod), KamAZ (Naberezhnye Chelny), the Pavlovo Bus Plant, UAZ (Ulianovsk), AZ Ural (Miass) and others. The share of the products which are supplied to the Russian Federation accounts for 77.6% of the total output of the Borisov plant.

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