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MAZ to open several new assembly facilities in Russia

Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ trademark) is planning to open several new assembly facilities in Russia, Sergei Zakharkevich, MAZ deputy commercial director for truck sales, told reporters.

MAZ is mulling over the setting up of a joint production with Russia’s ZIL. An opportunity of setting up a similar production in the Altai krai is being considered. “We are also examining the development of bus assembly productions in Russia,” Sergei Zakharkevich added.

Setting up a new production always requires additional big costs, he said. Before getting down to a project we assess the economic efficiency of the project and the market capacity, he added.

According to Sergei Zakharkevich, cooperation with the Promagroleasing company will help MAZ strengthen its positions on the Russian market. “We expect that real partnership will start next month. This will help us increase our presence in the Russian market,” Sergei Zakharkevich noted. MAZ has had some experience of leasing its equipment. MAZcontractleasing, MAZ leasing company has implemented the first leasing project in Russia. The same scheme will be applied in cooperation with Promagroleasing.


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