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MAZ-Kupava delivers 12 trailers to Uzbekistan

MAZ-Kupava Plant has sent 12 commercial trailers to Uzbekistan, it was learnt from the Business Links Agency.

A delivery contract on 12 commercial trailers, model 813270, for the Oqtosh-Meva Company, Uzbekistan, was signed in August 2009. The delivery was completed in October.

Big biaxial commercial trailers will be used for selling bakery products. The vehicles have been modified in line with the requirements of the client. The trailer is equipped with special containers for bread, additional plug sockets and refrigerated display cases for short shelf-life products.

The trailer body is made on sandwich-panels.

The MAZ-Kupava Plant produces isothermal bodies and trailers from sandwich panels for traveling, medical and trading purposes, refrigerated vans on truck chassis of different modifications. Today the company’s product portfolio includes over 200 various models of trailers and vans. The company also produces Ragneda furniture, mixer trucks (jointly with KOMZ-Export, TIGARBO trademark), equipment for utilities services, the Emergency, Defense and Interior Ministries.


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