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Belarus hits 120 million tonnes in oil extraction

The Belarusian oil company Belorusneft has extracted 120 million tonnes of oil so far, it was learnt from the company’s press service.

Belarus started oil production on 20 August 1964 from a more than 2,000-meter well near the village of Kaporovka, the Rechitsa region.

The first million of tons of the Belarusian black gold was extracted in 1967. Then the oil was extracted at the largest oil deposits in Rechitsa and Ostashkovichi. Other productive areas were developed later. In September 1998 the 100-milionth tonne of oil was pumped in Polesie. Belorusneft extracted a record 7.953 million tonnes of oil in 1975.

In 2009 Belarus plans to produce 1.72 million tonnes of oil, down 1.1% as against 2008.

Founded in 1966, the manufacturing corporation Belorusneft is part of Belneftekhim concern. The company performs oil exploration, well drilling, extraction of oil and associated gas. The association includes the Belarusian Gas Refining Plant and the industry research institute BelNIPIneft, over 500 filling stations.


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