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Mozyr Oil Refinery starts constructing isomerization unitMozyr Oil Refinery starts constructing isomerization unitм

The Mozyr Oil Refinery launched the construction of an isomerization unit, it was learnt from Alexander Leshnevsky, Director of the Mozyr Oil Refinery Board.

The $106-million worth of investment project is part of an integrated development programme of one of Belarus’ largest companies. The project will help the company produce petrol compliant with the European standards.

The complex will produce high-octane number component to improve the quality of petrol. The capacity of the equipment will make up 300,000 tons per year.

This volume should be enough to get petrol made by the company compliant with the Euro-5 standards. The construction works have been launched. The construction project has been designed by Russia’s Neftekhimprojekt company. The site is scheduled to come on stream in 2011.

The plant is carrying out several other technological projects to increase the output and improve the quality of products. The testing has been started at the hydro-desulfurization installation. The installations to make hydrogen gas and to hydrofine diesel fuel will be launched in 2010.


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